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Explainer: How Pharma Benefits Managment (PBM) firms work

It's easy to see why EpiPen has become the focus of America's fury over drug prices. It treats potentially deadly allergic reactions — for example, in a child who is stung by a bee — and its price has spiked by over 500% in a few years.

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Sanofi SA stops production of Fav-Afrique, sparking anti-dote crisis in sub-Saharan Africa

French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur says it's no longer profitable to make one of the most vital anti-venom for snakebites in Africa.Fav-Afrique counters the toxins of some of the world's most deadly venomous snakes.

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Americans feel entitled to discounts on high cost medication

It is well documented that the cost of prescription medication is very high in America, higher than any other region in the world. for example, Gilead's Solvadi cost $81 000 to treat Hepatitis C. As a result, patients try to do all they can to minimize the cost of medication. One of the way that patients reduce medication cost is through discounts.

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